Rensselaer County
Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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"Honor the warriors, not the war"

On the east bank of the Hudson River, in the City of Troy, New York, stands one of America's finest tributes to the men and women who fought, and died in the Vietnam War. The Rensselaer County Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, dedicated in 1991, after nearly five years of private planning and fund raising activities, stands in Troy's Riverfront Park, just a stones throw from the statue of Troy's American icon, "Uncle Sam" Wilson.

The Memorial

This beautifully designed and constructed memorial consists of three main elements;

Courage, Compassion & Pain

"The Vietnam experience; courage, compassion, and pain" is the theme of this beautifully sculpted, lifelike bronze statue by noted artist Eileen Barry.

Combat Infantryman's Badge

Medal of Honor Recipient: Peter Guenette

Rensselaer County Casualty List

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